Alan Ward, Master Flute Technician

Alan is a Muramatsu & Straubinger certified master flute repair technician currently based in San Francisco. He is available for new clients and is connecting other technicians worldwide through an instrument repair discord.

Yes, I worked on Lizzo's flute.

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Alan is a skilled flute repair technician with over a decade of experience.

He began his career in Texas, working with Ed Flemming at Fleming Instrument Repair. In 2015, he moved to Hawaii to work with Gary Harra, where he spent the next five years honing his skills. In 2020, Alan made the move to California, where he is currently working with mentor Paul Rabinov. Alan has earned several certifications, including those from Straubinger and Muramatsu, and is known for his attention to detail and ability to produce "pristine" work. He has worked on Lizzo's flute and has received praise from Lance Suzuki for his skills.

In addition to his work as a repair technician, Alan has a background in music performance on the clarinet. His father was a music educator at Kingwood High School, and Alan has a passion for music technology and sound engineering. He is also an avid photographer and enjoys exploring the intersection of music and technology in his free time. Currently, Alan is focused on building a community for repair techs through a Discord channel and monthly digital meetups. He is also exploring the world of synth music and producing tracks under the name "Slow Drip DMT" and "Polychromatic.

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“The flute work is pristine”

"The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the classically trained flutist bought the instrument before her performance at the Chase Center. The singer was in town for her music tour, where she introduced the platinum gadget to fans. Lizzo's team initially contacted the local business for repair services on her "Sasha Flute" - the main flute used in her shows."


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Alan is availible for new clients and private training remotely.

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"WOW! WOW! WOW! My Pearl flute has been turbo charged. It's better than when I received it brand new. Thanks so much."


"I was able to bring my flutes in to the SF Flute World location yesterday and what a fantastic experience that was! Alan did a thorough and fabulous job on my broken Yamaha and was able to reduce many of the "clicking noises" on my Brannen while I waited."


"Beautiful. It arrived last night (takes a little longer to get to Hawaii) and I just took it out of the box. Was afraid to touch it with my human fingerprints, but it plays beautifully. Thanks!"